Want to be a #thread-head?

We want to create badass work that brings our clients success and that we’re proud of. Everything we create is a group effort, all tied together in one beautiful, long red thread bow. If you want to be surrounded by people proud to say they work with you, you’ve found the right squad.

Our core values.

Our values are actually just guidelines to being a good person and the best in the biz.

Be a good person.
Always. Be. Honest. Mistakes are forgivable. Owning up to them forges character.

Have each other's backs.
We’re a team of people, not a collection of employees. People are awesome. Treat each other like it.

Never settle.
Good enough” is our cardinal curse word. How can your work be made better? How can you improve your skills? What are you doing to be a better person outside of work? Grab a towel. Keep pushing. Then push some more.

Get it done.
At the end of the day, leave everything on the table, don’t let a single word go unsaid. We’re a team that rolls up our sleeves and let’s the elbow grease fly.

Do what's best for the client.
We work in a creative service industry. Our ultimate goal is to always have the best interest of the client in mind. Their success is our success.

Ready to follow the thread?

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