Adam Kroft

Partner | CEO

Take the excitement level of an eight-year old on Christmas morning, add the confidence of a psychic playing rock, paper, scissors, and sprinkle in the attention span of a puppy in a toy factory. That’s Krofty. He’s constantly in two places at once and he has the energy to allow it. He meets with potential clients, manages accounts, represents Red Thread at networking events and sleeps occasionally.

Rhett Muller

Partner | COO | Video Director

If Edward Cullen had a PBR-drinking older brother, that’s Rhett. If there’s sarcasm in the office, Rhett is the likely culprit. His days are filled with shooting and editing photos and videos. His Spotify playlist is filled with bands nobody’s heard of. And his phone is filled with pictures of the only things that matter on the planet—dogs.

Brendon Henning


If you see a guy in our office wearing shorts and a Royals hat, that’s Brendon. And although he may not always dress for success, he sure writes for it. Most of the creative work produced by Red Thread can be traced back to Brendon’s notebook. When he’s not working, Brendon takes his talents to the diamond as the starting pitcher for the company softball team.


Natalie McClure

PROJECT Director

The girl who just downed another dose of Ibuprofen with coffee. That’s Natalie. Her mission is to keep everybody on task and on time, which is as easy as trimming a lion’s toenails. It can be done, but it takes a great deal of patience and talent. Luckily, Natalie has both.

Brett Shaw


The most patient man in the office, that's Mr. Shaw. But you can call him Brett. Every day he puts his patience to the test as a high school math teacher. And compared to that, spending a couple hours a week with us to keep our finances in order is a cakewalk. (P.S. If you want his attention, it helps to raise your hand.)


Casey Wurst

Account Director

You know that person who’s already accomplished more by 7 am than you will all day? That’s Casey. And not only that, she does it with a “peppy ‘tude.” She’s a perpetual optimist, mostly thanks to her corgi, Roger. She also has a serious case of wanderlust, but she always finds her way home, thanks to her corgi, Roger. Casey will be super duper happy to add a dose of smiles to your life as our account director. 

Devon Stanczyk

art director

No, that’s not Macklemore on our team. That’s Devon. Lucky for us, Devon’s hip-hop career never took off and he instead focused his talents on photography, videography, and graphic design. He’s usually seen with a wireless mouse in his right hand, a club soda in his left, and a smile on his face.


Luke Wohlgemuth

Graphic Designer | Illustrator

Remember those kids who would doodle during every class? That’s Luke. And a quick glance through his handy dandy notebook proves that all that practice paid off. By day he translates his drawings to the computer, and by night he cooks Cuban food with his Dutch oven and listens to something called “strange indie.”


Jenny Slater

Graphic Designer

Every team has to have someone who’s the quietest. That’s Jenny. But don’t mistake her soft voice for a lack of personality. Rumor has it that before she focused on design, she used to make music videos to Elvis songs (but a thorough Internet search proved inconclusive). Nowadays, she’s either daydreaming about hiking a mountain, actually hiking a mountain, eating ice cream, or designing with us.


A.J. Matthies


That person who’s seen every band imaginable, that’s AJ. But it’s not just music that makes his engine rev, it’s anything and everything that has to do with pop culture. Want a breakdown on what the members of Destiny's Child are up to now? Ask AJ. Also ask him for nearly anything else, as he’s a project manager.


Matthew Strasburger

Account manager

You know those people who have inexplicably seen every movie ever made (including crappy sequels)? That's Matt. He's the kind of guy that could slash your tires, but then you end up apologizing to him for dulling his knife. His smile is that infectious. And as our account manager, there's a good chance you'll get to see that smile in person.


Nolan Sullivan


Don’t mind that kid doing an impression of a 1920’s British labour worker in the corner. That’s just Nolan. He has too many interests and odd quirks to list, but just think of him as a cross between Conan and Robin Williams. He’s constantly saying, doing, or dreaming up something goofy. And sometimes he puts that goofiness to paper as our copywriter.


Sydney Chapp

Graphic designer

We promise that's not a psycho person already hugging you. That's just Sydney. She's a hugger. And a dancer. And just an all-around positive person. She designs with a smile on her face, and her work will put a smile on yours. And if you need a local brewery suggestion, she's your gal.