Renata: Social Media Student/Expert


Social media is fun. Social media is inspiring. Social media isn’t easy. 

Time to confess, I’m a broadcasting major. When I applied to Red Thread four months ago, my expertise had more to do with microphones than promoting tweets. At the time, I saw that as a good thing. I’m a senior in college, so I should be all about my major. Then I realized my love for being attached to my phone could be my job. 

So here I am, exploring new depths with each and every social media outlet. My grandma used to say the phrase, “you learn something new every day” and with Red Thread, that’s true. Not only are we learning together, but we are also teaching each other new things day by day. 

I’m a documenter. Whether it’s taken pictures, writing in my journal or posting something new on Facebook and Instagram, I’m always keeping track of life’s adventures. Working our clients’ social media pages allows me to document their day and captivate their audience. It’s incredible 

But like I said, the job can be challenging. Sometimes it can be hard to see feedback, considering it is so public on social media. Sometimes it is exciting because your notification center is blowing up with likes, comments and shares. It’s the ups and downs that make this job extraordinary. There is always room for improvement and to learn. But then again in the ever-evolving world of social media, that will always be the case.