The New Kids
It’s the things we have in common that keep us from ripping each others heads off, but it’s our differences that turn our good ideas into great ones.
Advertising sucks.
I hate advertising for the same reasons you do. And as I've gained more experience, I've learned to depict why 95% of the ads I see suck.
Super Bowl Ad Review - 2015
If you're like me, you gather with friends, pizza and beer on Super Bowl Sunday not to watch the game, but to watch the commercials. With over 100 million viewers, many of which have already evaluated these commercials to shreds, I thought I'd weigh in on with my favorite and least favorite picks.
Fashion Advice from Brendon
I’m known for a lot of things, but my sense of fashion is not one of them. I still wear clothes I had in middle school. I’ve had friends force me to change before they would leave the house with me.
Learning to Embrace the Creative Process
When I joined Red Thread last year, it was up to me to use my overbearing need for timeliness and efficiency to keep everyone in line and getting their work done. My presence was an adjustment for everyone.
In the Life: Design
As you may know, it’s hard to run a creative agency without a Graphic Designer. Lucky for me, I’m Red Thread’s Designer. But my role goes far beyond just making logos.
Why I Suck at Drinking
Don Draper might smite me, but whiskey tastes awful. There’s nothing pleasant about foul smelling cough syrup stirred together with a bit of regret with a hint of gasoline.
Inspiration For Me, Inspiration For You
When I first started out in advertising I had no idea where to look for inspiration so I decided to look toward the things that I knew. This ranged from movies to music to books.
Adam’s Award Acceptance Speech
Last month, I was honored as the 2016 Lincoln Independent Business Association (LIBA) Young Professional of the Year. I had a lot of advice to give, people to thank and ramblings to ramble.
“Seeking real world experience in an environment that is both challenging and allows for creativity.”
The words from my resume, assembled months prior, echoed in my ears as I sent off the last email of my workday. Those words were written as a means to describe my ideal career path in a professional way.
The Quiet One Speaks: Why You Should Invest in Creative.
Think back to the last time you made an appointment for something. Maybe it was the doctor, chiropractor, hair salon, a tax appointment, or a wedding planner – you get the idea. You scheduled that appointment because you couldn’t do that service yourself; you hired a professional.
What happens when you let your Copywriter write whatever they want?
In a world controlled by a nefarious network of computer intelligence constructs, where the Human is secondary and subserving, the only advertising allowed is that which is devised by teams of marketing AI.
We're Still Here!
So now comes time to answer the burning question that all of our old flames have been dying to know the answer to: No, we promise we didn’t ghost you!